More on Rebbecca Solnit’s idiotic views. Before commenting further, I am not some sort of Trumpbot.  In fact, I refuse to provide legitimacy to a criminal, rigged system by participating in it.  My opinion is if you chose to vote for a clown, who is no more qualified to be POTUS than an earthworm or for a certifiably insane, criminal, fully compromised, war mongering, puppet of the FIRE sector, MIC, corporatist psychopaths who compose the one-world agenda destroying the planet, you remain a complicit cog in that agenda.  One word for those of you who delusionally believe our police state works in any way for common good and purpose or that your individual vote matters, Morons.

As for Solnit, who still lives under the Cold War mentality perpetrated by the MIC,  wake the “f” up.  What have you ever actually accomplished towards changing the destructive policies being forced upon us, other than showing up at protests to in order to provide advertising for yourself?   Or joining crudely thought out groups like the occupy movement?  Again in order to make a show.   Groups that never developed an effective agenda and were infiltrated by the state and bastards like soros.  Solnit, Hillary and Trump morons in arms.


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