Saudi Air Assets – F-16’s to Turkish/NATO Air Base?

How many F-16’s were sent if indeed the F-16’s were sent?

We are told about the the large quantities of F-16’s and other front line fighter aircraft, F-22’s and Eurofighters are possessed by the Saudi’s  and Turks. How they can with ease overwhelm the much smaller numbers of front line aircraft (SU-30’s and Su-35’s) deployed   by the Russian air forces.  What we are not told is how many of those aircraft are combat ready?  How many are ready for immediate deployment?  How many first rate pilots, ready for combat deployment do they possess?  Why is that?

My next post will answer some of your questions, I hope.



Syria and the Kurds

Wolf’s in sheeps clothing, the Kurds fit the bill exactly.  Drug smugglers, organ smugglers, human traffickers, traffikers in stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil.  Occupiers of Iraqi and Syrian territory.  Allied and supported by Empire, NATO, and the Israeli criminal regime.  The Kurds have partnered with empire and their vassals in their goal of destabilizing the Turkish state.  A NATO ocuppied nation.  Let’s not be fooled by MSM propaganda.